Commercial General Liability (GL)

Commercial General Liability (GL)


What is Commercial General Liability?

GL is a commercial insurance policy issued to a business or organization that protects them against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises, operations, products and completed operations, as well as advertising and personal injury (advertisement of company’s goods or services, libel, slander, and misappropriation of advertising ideas). GL policies are often required in order to lease an office space.

Who Needs General Liability?

Any business, person or organization that has an exposure for bodily injury or property damage claims arising out of the course of their business.

Examples of Commercial General Liability Claims:

  • Joanne is a consultant in the tech industry focusing on clean room management. While at a client location, Joanne knocks over a bottle of water that spills onto a piece of equipment used for processing of silicon wafers. The machinery is damaged resulting in a repair bill for parts and labor exceeding $100,000. Joanne carriers $1M in CGL coverage which would respond to the claim.
  • Peter is a general contractor. Peter is working with a larger general contractor who is building 5 new homes on a large lot. Peter is hired as a sub-contractor to install the doors in all the homes. A construction defect claim is filed by the owner’s homeowner’s association. Even though the claim has nothing to do with the doors, Peter finds himself named in the lawsuit filed by the homeowner’s association attorney.  Peter’s general liability coverage steps in to provide council for Peter to release him from the construction defect claim. The cost for the attorney fees, minus Peter’s deductible, is covered by his general liability policy.
  • Bob owns an up-and-coming tech start-up. At the time, they only had a small office space. Bob has insured his office space under his general liability coverage. A potential client of Bob’s is visiting the office one day and is tripped by the beloved office dog, Whiskers. The client sustains considerable injuries from the fall and requires minor surgery and time away from work because of the injury. Bob’s general liability coverage responds in helping Bob pay for the client’s medical bills and time away from work.

How to Get a GL Quote:

Complete pages #1-2 of the Commercial Insurance App [click here to download] and email to Quotes@benefitexperts.com. Depending on your industry, we may request further supplemental applications as well.

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