Crime Policy

Crime Policies (Fidelity Crime Bonds)


What is a Crime Policy?

A crime policy is provided to cover several different types of crime that can be committed by an employee, such as employee dishonesty, forgery or altercation, computer fraud, money and securities, money orders and counterfeit money. Many Business Owners Policies include a sub-limited amount of coverage for employee theft. This is typically only $10,000 or less, so you are probably not fully covered under your standalone GL or BOP policy.

Who Needs a Crime Policy?

Any business whose employees have access to financial information or funds of its own company or of others.

Examples of Crime Policy Claims:

  • Andre works for an accounting/bookkeeping firm. Andre has been paying his credit card using one of his firm’s clients accounts. The client’s CPA discovers the payments that have been made to the incorrect credit card account using his client’s funds. Andre is arrested and fired. Andre’s company has a crime policy, which steps in and pays the loss of funds back to the client.
  • Suzie works as the accountant for a busy home furnishings store. Suzie has been paying both the store’s bills and her own using the store’s bank account and funds. After a few years, the owner of the store discovers the duplicate payments dating back 3 years. The store’s crime policy steps in to reimburse the owner of the store for the misappropriation of funds.  Suzie is arrested and charged with embezzlement.

How to Get a Crime Quote:

Please complete this Crime/Fidelity Bond application [click here to download] and email to Quotes@benefitexperts.com.

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