Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance


What is Workers Compensation?

Work Comp Insurance provides wage replacement and/or medical benefits to employees who have been injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of employees right to sue his or her employer for tort of negligence. This coverage is legally required in most states as soon as your have one non-owner employee.

Who Needs Work Comp?

Any business that has employees and/or employee payroll. Full or part time, as required by law.

Examples of Work Comp Claims:

  • Alice works for a law firm. She is responsible for the preparation of legal documents on behalf of the law firm. Alice is having severe pain in both her hands. She visits her doctor and finds out she has carpel tunnel syndrome resulting from her day-to-day work typing up legal documents. Her employer’s workers compensation policy covers her medical bills to repair her carpel tunnel with surgery as well for the loss of wages during her recovery period.
  • Tom works for a construction company. While unloading a truck, Tom falls off the back of the truck, injuring his back. Tom’s doctor has instructed Tom to stay home for 2 weeks in order to repair his strained back. Tom’s employer’s workers compensation policy pays for Tom’s medical bills as well as wages for the time he has been instructed to remain absent from work.

How to Get a Work Comp Quote:

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