Update About COVID-19 & Mandatory Shelter In Place Requirements

Benefit Experts is OPEN


Starting today, to comply with the Bay Area’s shelter in place guidelines, the Benefit Experts team will be working remotely from our respective homes, at least through April 7th. Rest assured that our entire team will continue to work and be available for anything you may need throughout this time. Currently the fastest way to reach our team is to email your normal agent/contact. Our main phone line is open, but will route you straight to voicemail; we will also check and respond to voicemails several times a day. If you have an emergency, CC Help@benefitexperts.com with your email, as this will copy all of our departments and the first available employee can route your email to be addressed.


For Our Benefits Clients


You should be aware that most carriers are currently offering no-cost screening & diagnostic testing for COVID-19, as well as other resources & expanded care, should you need it. There is a listing of all carrier COVID-19 responses and resources HERE .


For Our General Liability Clients


We understand that many businesses are being affected by the COVID 19 virus and the closures of business that are becoming more prevalent.  Many businesses have been looking into insurance coverage under their policy’s “Business Income” coverage.  The business income coverage forms require a business to incur a direct physical loss, in line with the property coverage form. These perils typically include fire, smoke, theft, vandalism.  Unfortunately, Pathogens (aka Virus) and Governmental Action are both perils which are not covered under a physical loss to a business and thus Business Income coverage is not available.


With that being said, if you feel this is incorrect and would prefer to get a formal declination from your business insurance carrier, each business would need to file a claim directly with their carrier.  The carrier will review the claim against the policy forms and send a response accordingly, including a formal declination stating the portion of coverages which decline the claim. We would not advise doing such, but do not want to take away your rights as a customer to file a claim.


While the carriers cannot offer coverage for these events, the following link can guide small business and its owners to resources available to them and their employees at this time.  As this will be an ever-changing development, we advise staying up to date with the governmental programs available to help small business and employees survive closures as best as possible.



For Our Clients in CA Who May Wish to Assist Affected Employees with Unemployment Claims


Because a large majority of our clients are in CA, we are providing the link employees can use to file for partial unemployment in CA. If you are in a different state and wish for assistance there, please reach out and we will attempt to assist you with your local state’s unemployment options. https://www.edd.ca.gov/unemployment/partial_claims.htm

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